Column "fill" option - either note or FX

I have been eyeing the Polyend Tracker just for the sake of not being tethered to the same desk I work at all day when I want to make some music - also to act as a sequencer companion to my Digitone, but this is besides the point.

One of the features added to the PT in recent updates, in addition to the pre-existing “fill” within a set range is the idea of a Euclidean fill option. For example, I would like to be able to select an FX column and with predetermined settings, i.e. every line, every other line, every 3 lines etc. fill the FX column with a random value of the Yxx probability command - even perhaps giving a range for the randomness i.e. Y80 to YCF. Additionally a Euclidean fill for the note set up to trigger hi-hats would be useful, as well as being able to set a random range for the velocity of each note before they are printed to column.

I love the sequencer as it is, but manually adjusting Yxx on a per line basis is a little frustrating at times.

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good idea! I’d use it if we had it :+1:

You can also enable Mix Paste to overwite each (x) values with continuous paste (ctrl+P).

Humanization goes per pattern, track, song or selection…
Use the Advanced Editor on the right of the pattern editor screen.

And for very custom schemes, xStream should be your friend. xStream | Renoise

(selection in pattern and [render])

To be fair I’ve never used that advanced edit section, I’ll load the manual up tonight and have a mess about on it. Thanks.

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