Combine two samples (in one sampler) into 1 (one) mixed waveform

So, i’m working on mixing two samples together in the sampler. I bet it’s something extremely easy and I’m just missing it.

In the attached picture, I’ve got a red circle around two drum samples in one sampler instrument. I’d like to blend these two samples together into a single sample. Can I do this in Renoise, internally? Is there a menu to do this, or a Tool?

Yes! You’re looking for mix paste. Which has options for addition and multiplication (FM) :slight_smile: correction, AM

Copy one sound, then mix paste into the other and a dialog will pop up

It’s renoise’s (not so) secret native sample FM (no, AM). Honestly I’m kind of surprised you didn’t already know about it!

You can access mix paste via right click menu or hotkey


Thanks! I haven’t had the desire to do this yet, didn’t see it. Neat!

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Multiplication is NOT fm ,
Multplicatioin in mix-paste is just amplitude multiplication .


Oh right, of course. Complex AM, not FM. Makes sense. Can sound similar, but altogether different. Mea culpa

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