Combining Samples / Dual Instruments. + "tracked Instruments&quot

How about playing two samples or instruments at the same time without the need for a second track? An instrument that is a combination of two or more samples?

  • I am completely convinced that one such feature, or one close to it, has been suggested before… I even remember that I made a similar, much more advanced suggestion quite some time ago… So I am making two posts in one, a “recap suggestion” of the “Tracked Instruments” idea, and a suggestion about a Dual Instrument far, far below

Who knows? Maybe one of these ideas might even be part of Renoise 3.0! And there might be a billion discussions about it right now…

But I am not much in to alphabetreading, so if this stuff is all trash. Well… At least it is a funny (but very wordy) post!

This recap idea below, is so large, I should probably make two posts out of it, but I am feeling particularly dumb right now. so, sorry, no… No cigar. :’( And just as well, a house divided can not stand! :badteeth:

<Warning!> Recap below!

“Tracked Instruments” :badteethslayer:

This is a re-suggestion, painting a half-imaginary scenario of what a Tracked Instrument is, and what it can do.

The Tracked Instrument idea has been breewing in my head for at least 12 years now. So that should give it at least a little attention. If not… Well. There is plenty more fish in the sea!

  • Sadly I have no bait. Well, Cest La Vie, Cest La Vie!

A Tracked Instrument is an idea about a an instrument that would have several ‘internal’ samples /slash/ instruments in it. Those samples/intruments would be tracked, very much like in the standard pattern editor, but instead it would be >inside< the Tracked Instrument’s own, internal pattern editor.

  • It would be edited much the same way as the original trackeditor in Renoise. With the exception that it would ultimately be an instrument, an instrument that would use it’s internal track, over and over again.

So, “Tracked Instrument” would play it’s internal samples/instruments, in a sequence, except it would handle much like an ordinary instrument. As the trigger would be released, it would handle the “note off” - Cut, Note Off, Continue, like an ordinary instrument.

Then you could also add envelopes - filters, volume, pitch - and then duplicate the Tracked Instrument i[/i] exactly as the standard instruments… (You click it, press “copy instrument” right click in a empty spot and paste it!)

-This whole concept would be great for making all kinds of envelopes on duplicated Tracked Instruments. For example, one sweeping in, one playing normally, one sweeping out. Others modified to play at another base note. Basically, a programmable instrument, using samples and commands.

  • And, one would be able to use these instruments, time and time again, without the need to copy-paste a lot of data. Just press “space” (in FT2 record mode) then press “Q”! :D.

Ultimately = it would be like playing a “simplified module” as an instrument! at the press of a button… So, instead of cluttering up the main track or sampling large unweildy samples, one could use a Tracked Instrument instead, I bet even the 09XX function could be used as a beatslicer! It would just mean that the 09XX command would instruct the Tracked instrument to jump to different rows in the internal track.

  • It would also be a nice feature if the Tracked Instrument could changee pitch on it’s samples as a different key was triggered! Exelent for chords!

All in all, all these features, along side the dream of a Tracked Instrument would make a lot of things a lot more flexible.

  • One could summerise that it would have been >very< useful for drum sequences, or arps, repeating melodies, chords and so on!

That is my dream about Renoise 3.0! :dribble:

PS - If someone finds the time to correct this, make it more “linear” and easy to understand, do not hesitate to make a corrected duplicate reply! - DS.

  • That is, if you can stand reading more banter like this! :rolleyes:

</Warning!> Very “wordy” recap over!

Anyhow. BACK ON TRACK! This is a oh-so-much simpler idea!!

What I also have in mind is a simpler “combining of samples”. Not “mixing” them, but rather use two separete samples playing at the same time. Kind of like how it is possible to use a Sample, Midi and VST at the same time.

Then there are options. For example, one sample changes pitch as you press the keys normally, the other does not.

This could be considered combining Instruments instead of samples. But I am sure the general idea is explained.

A simple example is this = A dual instrument, Ambient Wind and Bassy Pad. The ambient wind playing at a constant note/pitch, possibly with filters together with the bassy pad, forming a kickass ambience!

Another idea is for simplifying chip-tunes! :D (of course, would have applications in non-chip as well ;)),

You have a C-64-like bass, and the sample has a short period of noise in front of it, signifying a sort of “trigger” for the instrument, (you all know what it is!)

But when that instrument is played at a higher pitch, the trigger gets short, and at a lower pitch, it is so long that one might have to use the 09XX feature to cut it off.

So, instead, the samples are split, the “trigger” (usually white noise) plays at a constant pitch, while the bass itself, now starts earlier, and when played together the “trigger problem” is solved and the tune sounds better.

Those two examples are just very simple applications to a feature such as this could be. Who knows what a Renoiser could do with it? :)

Well. Hope you do not die of booredom…

first of all… damn that’s a lot to read. you need to be more concise if people are going to read it though.
I like some of your ideas, like the multisampling which I think Renoise is going to have at some point.

some of the sub-pattern stuff reminded me of the table paradigm of LSDj/LGPT (and probably other trackers) which is very powerful. you should have a look at that on the web and see what I’m talking about.

not being familiar with FT2 i’m interested in this tidbit, what did Q do?.

sounds like the template mode idea I’ve been dreaming about.