Combining Songs?

Hey guys, pomme de terre here… long time tracker/renoise user. I’m looking for some suggestions I hope im posting in the right forum.

I perform live with renoise. I use 2 laptops and mix back and fourth on the laptops (using a tascamx9 mixer) to go from song to song. While the songs are playing, I am constantly playing with effects, muting/unmuting tracks, etc to create a “live” effect… though the songs are mostly pre-produced.


My first thought is that there might be a way I can combine all the tracks into one long renoise file, and I do everything on one laptop. Is there a way to export/import tracks and effects from another song? All the songs in the set are the same bpm… though track 1 on song one may have different effects than track 1 on song 2… maybe there is a way to create new tracks and import the tracks and effects for each song separately…?

Anyone have any ideas? Maybe there is some other way to do this with one laptop that I am missing…




hmm. can’t seem to get this to work with my version. im thinking it would stall on my machine trying to load up the next song anyway. also im mixing tracks together so there would need to be some overlap.

its good to know there is some shred of hope though…

im still open to ideas if anyone has any! time is running out.

That unfortunately doesn’t work anymore (since Renoise 1.8 or something like this), because it was a huge hack…

Use 2 instances of Renoise? shrug

Running two instances of Renoise on dual screen (Bring extra LCD and connect it to your laptop) setup works fine. Running it on single screen setup works well aswell. :) (If you don’t mind the tabbing).

You need soundcard with multiple outputs if you want to use the HW mixer. (I tried with my cheapass 5.1 card lying around and it worked wonderfully.)

This works atleast on linux. Haven’t tried on windows, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t. (Under linux/jack you can also route channels out, crossroute instances, use external FX stacks, multistrip mixers, etc.)

(Yeah, I like to use lots of parentheses.)