Here’s a new one. I’d post this and also “what a day” in the songs page, but I don’t need to be filling all the slots for new releases. “Come on” people, post some more songs… :) There are a lot of great artists here.

I don’t know what genre to put this in–late 70’s pop, laid back, a cross between soft rock and, um, I don’t know.

Hey, the arrangement is great in this one. It’s got this feeling of being back to front somehow, but it’s still fresh all the way through… Vox could be sharped, like I mentioned in your earlier song. The melody is right, there are some curly bits that need a touch of ironing.

Well! I better get off my butt and release some tunes! Some epic weirdness coming right up…

Hey Kizzume, are you Aussie?

loving your stuff as always… i think this is what toto would sound like if they didn’t write happy music :P