Comfort Fit - Dirty Decisions (Saine Split Decision Remix)

Howdy folks, some instrumental hiphop here. A remix of mine, it was released on the Private Primate EP by one of my favourite producers Comfort Fit.

For those interested, do check out Error Broadcast for some more of their releases (some also on limited 7") - some really nice beats. :)


Thanks!! Btw strangely enough, that’s exactly how you’re supposed to dance to this track…

Try it out guys, and post a vid of it… :D

Nice! My favourite part is the end of the song, starting at 4:00. I prefer such lightness compared to the rest of the song.

Thank you, yeah I also think the ending (and around 1:30) worked out the nicest :)

Great job saine! I love the comfort fit stuff, been listening to that for a while.
Glad to hear he picked up your remix! :)