Coming to terms with generating drumkits

I’m in search of a standard GM drum kit .xrni where the samples are well labeled (or even with blank samples). I’ve tried searching but can’t find the right thing.

My problem is that I have a drum machine generating midi (hopefully in accordance to GM drum kit), and I want a simple way of quickly knowing where to drop my samples on the keyzone. This ought to be the fastest way of getting my drum machine running via Renoise with custom samples?

Any ideas that might help me alleviate this personal crisis?

I don’t know of one… but if you don’t find one, perhaps you can make one and share with the rest of us :slight_smile:

if you have windows you can use on midi out microsoft gs wavetable synth

select right drum patch save as xrni and you rollin

Add 47 blank samples to your instrument, copy sound names from a key list to the sample names, crop keyzones to 1 (edit: for each sample) and put one next to the other.

Setting up a proper blank GM key map template takes about 10 minutes. Seriously. I wouldn’t call that a crisis. :slight_smile:

I did this one a while back, and just put it on the downloads

Thanks a lot danoise!

(It’s not easy being sure that you make it exactly the right way, without quite some research and trial&error.)