Command Column Affect Midi?

Hi all,
my first message here :D

I’m using Renoise as controller for my Roland XP60, in performance mode. So, basically, I assign every midi channel to renoise tracks 1:1 and using the pattern editor the workstation plays instead of samples. I’ve had to create a performance user preset “ad hoc” and a instrument association between midi and Renoise, then it worked :D So, now it’s more or less like a midi-tracker (someone could remember z-tracker).

I’m wondering if there is a command list that affects midi datas. In other words, is it possible to influence the pattern streaming with commands like slide note up, down, glide and so on?

Thanks in advance!

short: no.
scroll down to midi commands:

"With C0 in the panning column and a valid instrument number next to it, you can also send MIDI commands via pattern effects:

— 0A C0 017F -> will send a control change to the MIDI or plug-in instrument 0A, with control change number 01 and a value of 7F "

but you would ride better with the “midi control device”