& Cmd.exe

No offense… but what is this neat screenshot telling?

sinn? :ph34r:

-los ;)

it’s just fun, nothing else.
if you run instead of cmd.exe, you’ll get an older shell which only supports 8.3 filenames and so on.
Now, you’d usually run cmd.exe and typing ‘exit’ would close the window.
But that way you can run cmd.exe in, so typing ‘exit’ would just bring you back to the first shell you ran. It’s like starting WinXP from Win98. → nonsense, should make you ‘haha’.
The most interesting thing to me is the copyright note.
The old one goes from 1990-2001, the new one goes from 1985-2001.

…uhm…look at this thread somewhen about midnight when you’re tired. it was funnier to me that time. right now I can’t laugh about it either :)

See me laughing ;)

scary you are :)

wow, that’s an unfortunate face you have there mr. dopefish. :o

Scary? You ain’t seen my girlfriend, yet :w00t:

actually you can run as many command.exe or cmd.exe in themselves or eachother as you want, and each “exit” will bring you one level back…