Command-line parameters

I’d like to request the ability to use Renoise directly on the command line.

The reason I’m asking for this feature is because I have a need for automating rendering of a batch of songs at the same time as a part of my release-process for a game I’m working on.

Example usage:

renoise -in MySong.xrns -out MySong.wav
renoise -in song1.xrns -out song1.wav -in song2.xrns -out song2.wav ...

If this was implemented, it would be incredibly helpful.

This would be handy. There’s a tool out there that will render a list of songs. I had some issue with it but I think fundamentally it showed that loading and rendering (and, I think, exiting) can all be done via a tool.

Now I’m wondering if tools can read command-line arguments.