Command Line

This could be used to eg quickly fill patterns, like so:

Copy(0, 1, 16)  

… which would copy pattern 0 to patterns 1 to 16.

It would sure beat having to fill the patterns by hand.
There could be a whole host of other commands used to eg quickly empty a range of patterns, or empty certain tracks in a pattern, or … add as pleased. :)

Interesting or too far-fetched?

Interesting (nothing is far fetched enough :D), but in that particular case why not just hit “clone pattern” 16 times? And instead of emptying patterns, just select and delete them in one swoop and re-create them. Of course this is already slightly painful with 16 patterns and even more so with more…

… generally speaking, Renoise having a Quake-style console and executable scripts (binds!) would make me very happy. Ohhh… displaying “/stats” and issuing a “/seta debugmode verbose” (“dumpcfg config.xml”)… opening it in a separate terminal window which prints the average CPU time for each track for the last complete pattern / X lines played, even when rendering to disk… I have no idea if that last thing is possible haha, but I can dream.

Something else, does Renoise still have a limitation on pattern length, 256 patterns etc? IMHO this should only ever be restricted by memory available, and not by legacy limitations from a binary format that is no longer used…?

I see now that I can use Ctrl-Shift-Alt-F1 to clone patterns (or use the button, didn’t even know it was there).
Still, it should be highly convenient to have a command line, there’s even some room left for it at the lower right of the screen.

Could someone could come up with more potential “command line” commands for Renoise?
I can’t think of some now but it still sounds great.

The only few i can think of is to batch render songs in different bitrates and frequencies.

Hmmm why not creating a script engine in Renoise, and run them by commandline?
Like, i save all samples/instruments in a song that way(doh another cross-post on this forum :rolleyes: ).

But back to the commandline portion, for some reason it sounds potentially but everything is allready perfectly in place and automateable in Renoise…

Ow jeesus, this topic makes me think everytime i see it :wacko: ;)

hmm, command line: commands.

load_next (for loading *.xrns at end of song with options) :) -impossible
random (mangle all settings,song & song settings) -nuts
turn (turns Renoise 90º sideways with option) -weird
blink (blinks screen theme w/ blink to beat option) -
blog (sends renoise song to blogosphere) -
1thousandhurtz (sends 1,000 hertz signal to audio card) -
1thousandheartz (send heartz) -
micro (turn all key input into micro-tuning) -
brain_2_xrns (record all music in head to xrns, with options) - :)

have to think about it with a fresh head but atm this seems awesome to me :P


I’d really love batch rendering (not different versions of a song, but several songs in one go). If Renoise had a command to “load song X, render it to (the last used folder/folder Y) and then exit” the rest could be easily scripted.