Comments On Tracks

It’s would be nice to some sort of comments on each track. Edit with modal window after little button (placed at PRE-device and mixer fader) pressed. And shown as baloon tip as usual after mouse move across mixer-veiw faders or pre-device area in dsp-chain. Now i use paper with pencil to add notes about each track eq bands :) And would be nice to save all this info with xrns instead of using a bulk of papers :)

While you wait for this feature to be (or not to be), maybe try bumping this thread?

New Tool: Track Comments:


This one is a bit of a hack… go to sample keyzones to view the notes.

Steps in making and saving notes as an xrni.

  1. go to instrument slot.
  2. go to sample editor.
  3. draw “1” sample, at “11025” sample rate and “8” bit depth.
  4. you can if you want, go to instrument setting and clear this newly created sample. clear, not cut or delete.
  5. rename sample to the notes you want to write.

The reason I clear the sample is because there were problems loading the xrni with uncleared samples…
maybe due to the note length but then again, this has the same length but no problem.

The note I used as an example is the first paragraph of “Speech” from Wikipedia.