Commercial Disco 70'S With Breakbeats

Hello ppl.

This is unfinished track for some gaming company:

I guess this is the link for song 1:

And here is new song I did today - song preview 2:

I’d like to hear some feedback from you to help me match the style I got requested:

  • music style should be: dark but commercial with sounds/melodies from disco 70’s but with
  • Prodigy like or Drum and Bass style rhythms.

It is very hard [to me] to make DARK theme with commercial disco tones and Drum’n’Bass or Prodigy-like breakbeat rhythms. What do you think?

Maybe you have some links to other similar songs I would like to hear and try to make similar style?

I personally don`t like what I have made but have no idea what do create :) It should be either DARK and not commercial OR will be commercial and not dark… :S

This is not Disco, but funk/jazz and shows quite well how to combine such genres:

Dark disco reminds me of Hot Blood. I don’t think disco can be any darker, otherwise it wouldn’t be disco.

Your track sounds great! Just listen to The Prodigy some more and go from there.

Thanks! This is a good example of Electro Jazz. I was searching on the net for Disco-Breakbeat - hm… didn`t find anything for now… :)

sounds like you did quite a good job of combining the two actually, its actually creates quite a nice contrast the way the track moves between the two. could definitely imagine it on a video game.

Ok I did today something new:

It is another disco70s-orchestra-breakbeat song [Work In Progress]. I guess this is much more of the style I was requested for :)

Any feedbacks would be great help :)

its good but it sounds a bit soft, like the drums could maybe have a bit more bite to them. it might be the way you’ve mixed it but the bassline doesn’t quite fit right with the beats to me, they match up sequentially but they don’t lock together sonicly to make the groove really kick. i think it sounds, the way its mixed currently, like the breaks are a precursor to one of your psy-trance tracks, but the 4/4 beat never comes in. i think this is to do with the bass and the way you’ve mixed it. i hope this helps and you get what i mean… this is perfectly good and would sound fine on a video game, but thats how i think you’d make it better to my ears… maybe look at the bass and the beats and make them harder and more locked together some how, some space here and there might help (like how the prodigy often have a little space after the 1st bass and kick drops at the beginning of the bar e.g. on firestarter).

Thank you a lot for your suggestions. I`ll try to make some updates soon :)

I don’t know if you achieved what you wanted but the songs are very cool!

but it’s like Disco on Speed!