Comodo Finds Fp In Renoise.exe?

Hi all, apologies if this is the wrong section, but I have found an issue with my registered copy of Renoise. Once I’ve installed it, any attempt to run it results in the .exe being quarantined by Comodo due to Adware. Oddly enough the demo version doesn’t trigger anything, and I’ve had the same version of Renoise on my old machine under Win XP working fine as of a few weeks ago. A new pc build has me reinstalling programs, and I’m now using Win 7 64 bit.

I don’t suspect for a minute that it’s genuine and that it is indeed a false positive, but it is a pain. I’ve posted on Comodo’s official forums regarding it and they suggested uploading the affect file. The first problem is it is too big for their 10 mb upload limit, plus with it being a registered copy I’m hesistant too anyway.

If this is a known problem them I guess I can safely ignore it hopefully?

Add it to the safe-list or ignore list if you can’t add it to the safe list. I would not advise you to submit a registered copy of Renoise.
I had Comodo doing several false reports. Some files may be suspicious, but not when intensionally installed. (UltraVNC and psshutdown are a few of the tools Comodo is exaggerating imho)

Definitely, if you downloaded the Renoise.exe from our backstage, and when no plugins are used in Renoise.

Unfortunately all plugins that Renoise loads/scans on startup do “belong” to the Renoise.exe in some way - for comodo. So you might get warnings for those plugins too. Aka, if there’s a fishy VST plugin installed we can not guarantee anything.

Would be great if you could test this with VST plugins disabled. If you still get a warning from Comodo, it may help if we contact them and ask them to remove such warnings for Renoise.

Put the Renoise-install & vst(i)-folder in the ‘exceptions’ or what’s it called in the scan preferences of Comodo?