Comparator Formula

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Perhaps you might find this useful. Input is compared against Threshold, Output is 1.0 when Input is greater than or equal to Threshold, Output is 0.0 when Input is less than Threshold

Comparator.xrdp (1.2 KB)



Nice. I imagine this will prove useful. Do you have some example use cases?

Hi MrZensphere

One of my favorite methods in renoise is using the Key Tracker to trigger LFO Reset, with the Modulation Shape set to Random and Frequency set to 0 (INF LPC). Using the Comparator Input as the destination of the Random LFO allows for probabilistically generating a binary output, with the probability determined by the Threshold. So far I’ve used this for setting an FX Send Amount to min/max, probabilistically per key, with a modulatable threshold

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Ah, very nice. I see how this could be quite useful for probabilistic binary switching. Sweet. Thanks for sharing! :grin: