Compatibility of Tools

Hi guys,

maybe this was asked before. First of all I like RENOISE pretty much and (maybe beside of Bitwig) there’s nothing better especially when you work on a linux system while doing “electronic music”.

I wonder about the compatibility of Renoise tools. What if I want to install the clip launcher tool ( on Renoise 3.1? Is this (generally) possible or can there be problems? Is it safe to try it and if it doesn’t work to simply remove it?

I do believe it’s safe. Renoise will try to auto-update the tool if it was made for a previous API version. It only happened once to me that the tool didn’t work properly after a “successful” auto-update (the tool somehow triggered errors when using it). Even then, I could just uninstall it. Of course, you might want to keep an eye on that the tool does what it’s supposed to do.

In cases where Renoise says it can’t auto-update the tool, you can still try to raise the version number in manifest.xml. Sometimes it’ll make the auto-update work just fine.

PS. No malware or tools with dangerous behaviors are known to have been released, AFAIK.

Thanks, good to here that nothing can be damaged.