Compiling Juced Drumsynth.Dll For Win32

I’ve discovered the drumsynth vst from the juced project which has quickly become my favorite drum synth, however, I would like to have a windows version of it as well.

I can compile it for linux no prob, but when trying to compile under wine:

or using MSVC++ Express, I am running into problems. With the wine method, I just don’t have enough knowledge of how to implement nmake. With the MSVC++ Express method, the errors are endless, and I’m not even sure if the express version has all the necessary libraries available.

It seems other coders involved in the project have successfully cross-compiled in the past without problems, but there is not a high degree of interest in compiling if for windows.

Any insight?

It would be rad to get it working in both environments. I’m curious where else I could take it as a drum synth.

It is very similar to FLStudio’s drumsynth live, but is not restricted to ADSR style envelopes, and it sounds like one can use much more extreme values in the parameters.


im certainly no expert, but maybe you could try compiling in windows using mingw or cygwin(or you mght need both??)??
i was looking at compiling the beta of puredata for vista the other day(as the auto nightly build doesnt work yet on vista) and i came accross this……developer/mingw

mingw and cygwin are linux installations in windows, have a read up, youl see what i mean.