Compiling Vst Source Codes In Linux

i’ve recently started with kubuntu and renoise (i am a former FL studio user)…now that i’ve understood that i had to use linux-native vsts if i dont want to bang my head on the walls (please dear geeks, translate windows vsts to linux or make renoise comatible to them!) i’m facing another problem : i’ve just found vsts in source-code (on jucetice’s blog). since i’m a noob, i dont understand anythih in the “linux howto’s” about compiling. just tell me, step by step, what i have to do…they come as “.tar.bz2” archives.


Jucetice has all the plugins in binary form aswell. They have .so extension not .dll, that may have confused you. So copy it in your VST directory and off you go. :)

that was all? i was on jucetice but i was getting so confused, reading i had to install steinberg files, a juce prog, typing code in terminals,…

wow, it seems to work now! incredible! i’m stuck on it since 2 weeks!thanks!!!