Complaint Fyi

Hello, this is my first time posting here. I love your software and think it’s really cool that you made this for Linux and at an affordable price. But it has been a headache just trying to register on this forum and to learn how to record. On your tutorial, the German guy keeps saying to press ZED. I have no fucking idea what that means and had to search through your manual just to find out how to enter a fucking key.

Second, I tried to register and you guys ask which country Helsinki is in. I don’t know about other Americans but I had to do a google search to find out where it is. If you think that’s super easy, tell me which state Dallas is located. Unless you’re in the same continent, it’s a little challenging so please choose easier questions. Lastly, in your email, it’s a hassle to ask ppl to copy and paste the link when 99.9% of every other service i’ve ever used in my life just has a link to click on and you’re set.

Anyways, my apologies in advance for bitching. I know you guys are working hard on a great piece of software. But at 5am in the morning, to have to deal with this shit can be frustrating.

Hi justincase,
Sorry that the reqistration process on the forum is excruciating for some but unfortunately necessary. The available anti-spam-measures have proven ineffective in the past.
I believe we left out the captcha option to save people from some pain.

When i read the word “Zed” i assume you are aiming for this tutorial:…h?v=zXuyVKUesbw
It is simply the Z key that represents the lower C-key on clavier keyboard.

Well, i haven’t heard a lot of Germans using this accent though ;)

I do hope the rest won’t be too much of a pain, but we’ll try to cut down the accents in the future videos.

He’s Scottish. In England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada… All english BTW, people say zed.


Software that took 10 years to write used by thousands of people who speak different languages from all over the world. Sucks you had to spend 5 minutes. I feel for you. What a nightmare! :)

The anti-spam stuff is there because we have a spam problem that ruins our community. Yes people have to search and paste and make an effort to join. Not everyone knows everything. That’s fine. This is on purpose because we don’t want spammers in our community. There’s no simple solution to the plague that is spam.

heehee! Finland and Texas! ZED, next to EX.

Agreed. :D

i did know, that post made me laugh out loud. aside from the fact that some of these complaints are ‘real’ and may be worth looking in to (i can understand the clickable-link-thing, kinda), i just thought the way he wrote it down was hilarious. still smiling.

hi justincase, great first post, welcome to the community!

Tried to resist, but i`ve lost

  • Whose motorcycle is this?
  • It`s chopper baby

  • Whose chopper is this?
  • Zed.
  • Who’s Zed?
  • Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.
    Wroom wroooooooom

Couldn’t resist either… no willpower… at all. Sorry!

American in confirming stereotypes shocker.

At least he could use the internet to find out where Helsinki is, even if he couldn’t use it to work out what Zed is:


lols were found in this thread.


Can’t believe americans are that… stupid.

Hmmm, you’re actually quite lucky not to have discovered renoise through my old tutorials.
Indeed, you would have ended trying to change the bpm value of renoise to 2000… and you would have been trying desperately to find a breakbeat named “hammond break”.

Also, you would be smoking a damn lot.

No, seriously, you’re really lucky.