Composing Music With Renoise

Hi folks,

I’m new to this forum and new to Renoise but have played keyboard during my teen-age.
I want to compose music (dance/soundtrack/instrumental pop and that stuff) just for fun with Renoise.

Do you think a book similar like would be useful to learn composing with Renoise? Of course not teaching Renoise but composing in general.

Or do you have any other (book) advise to get started?

Thanks+Happy New Year to everyone!

If i were you, I’d check out Buy Computer Music Magazine Subscription from MagazinesDirect

This magazine focuses both on professional musicians and on musicians just starting out. I’ve found it quite useful when learning how to compose music.

That is to say, it explains terms such as compression, equalizing, normalization, building up tracks, plug ins and so on.

Give it a try :)


oh and one more thing, actually, this page | Musical Instruments Music Store. Shop for Guitars, Drums, Amplifiers and Equipment. really had me hooked at one point. it really does a great job in explaining how music “works” it explains it in a very pedagogical way (is that even a word?)

Check it out ;) and good luck!

The Renoise blog has a lot of good reading. Look under Categories on the left:


Taking all of the above advice in mind, you should be alright if you play keys.

That is if you are actually just talking about the compositional aspect.

Knowing music theory and guitar proficiency have helped me to no end whilst they are by no means essential.

Production is a an entirely different entity, I feel you may be refering to this aspect more…the above links should be quite helpful in that regard.

Composition for Dummies is quite a useful starting point. It goes well with the Music Theory dummies book, which I thought was a very good introduction. I also found Dave Stewart’s Musician’s Guide to Reading and Writing Music, and Inside the Music to be useful too.

But yes, composition and production are different disciplines!

Music theory and production aside, there is a lot to be said about doing it instinctively. Check out the tutorial introduction and the sample songs and run with it from there.