Compressor Attack To Little

Hello taktik,

i dont know if its serious, but a attack time of max 10 ms in a compressor is to little. I.e. some drums needs at least 30-55 ms to punching. In the bus compressor its right, but the other not.



I agree. This is something which should be treated like the chorus’ delay

can’t you use only the buss comp then ? what’s the difference anyway ? thx

the difference is, that the compressor has only grip until 10 ms from the start point of the sound. I know less sounds, they need less then 10 ms for a normal compression.
Every standard compressor works until at least 80 ms for attack. I.e. for voice you need 5-25 ms attack.
For overall compression on a stereo sum, you should use 50-250 ms attack time. For this is the bus compressor.