Compressor Limiter

Are compressors and limiters the same?
don’t both make sure that the sound is kept at a certain db? whether its raising it or lowering it
why would one have one and need the other?

also why is it nubby to put compressors on every track?
would that not create a more balanced mix? is it not more reliable than a volume option?

You don’t put compressors on tracks where samples won’t reach a certain db level. You also don’t use compressors on drumtracks, but when you work with vocal samples or lines that have a lot of dynamic differences between high and low db, you can level them using compression. That is basically what compression is for:leveling a signal so you can mix it better with the rest.

Noobish is overusing or inappropriately using comp (as your example, on every channel) - Compression (+EQ) is something where less can definitely be more…

If you can get away without using it at all and still get a good full sound, mores the better :)

Of course, thats not to say heavy-arsed compression doesnt have it place in my heart - mwahahahah!

A limiter is basically a compressor with an infinite ratio.

No, a compressor reduces the gain above the threshold according to the ratio.

Use a compressor wherever you want to compress the dynamic range. A compressor is NOT a volume control but a dynamics processor. Use it wisely.

Also in response to Bantai’s post, the part below the threshold isn’t amplified until you turn the makeup gain up, which is needed because as the levels above the threshold is reduced, so does the overall volume, why the makeup gain should be set so the level remains the same.

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Limiter/Compressor is a great tool!
But, why does Renoise have 3 of them. (Bus comp, comp and Maximizer).

I know they do things slightly differently, but the output is almost identical and they are all compressors/limiters/gainers.

I sometimes wonder which one to use/is the best to use.
Like for instance, the Bus compressor and regular compressor. The Bus is more sensitive and goes after RMS and Peak levels, but there isn’t enough difference to actually make it another DSP. is there? Isn’t the Bus Comp more accurate than the Regular Compressor?

Why keep the old one when you have a “better” one?

Yeah, or it could be switched manually depending on what you want.
1 for 3 :walkman: