Computer Audio Problems

Hi there!
When I open Renoise or Ableton live I can’t listen to any other audio (youtube, winamp).
If I have Renoise opened, my whole winamp actually crashes, it freezes and when I try to click it it just goes to inresponsive.

I’ve got an E-MU Tracker pre, sound interface wich is used for all my audio and stays on the whole time. (it doesnt switch back to my onboard soundcard)

Could this be something with the ASIO drivers? I don’t know much about is but I know I use ASIO with Reniose and Ableton live…

Any ideas? Its really anoying I cant do several audio things at once… :(

yes, some ASIO drivers get exclusive access to soundcard resources. try using the Directsound driver when doing multitasking.

With directsound my midikeyboards are way to slow to work with…
Isnt there an option to use those asio drivers with all audio aplications?

you could try if ASIO4ALL generic ASIO drivers allows for this

Thanks for the tip, I’ve been fiddling for hours but I cant get it to work propperly. So, does everybody has this same problem? I can’t listen to anything else than to what Im making in Renoise, so no tuts on youtube, or a relaxing song while taking a little break from music making?

No, it depends whether you particular ASIO drivers allow other programs to access the soundcard at the same time.

You’ll probably have to close renoise, watch youtube, reopen renoise.

Or set the Windows sound device to the onboard sound, so the browser/ainamp etc use the other soundcard.
Or use DirectX as stated above.

Edit: Check if there are updated drivers for your soundcard on the manufacturer’s website?

Nope. I have an M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 4/6 (external). It’s no problem here to have Renoise using ASIO with other apps using Directsound. Winamp, Soundforge, etc., they all work pretty fine. I can even load one instance of Renoise using ASIO, and another using Directsound :)

Is that just something that m-audio supports? That sounds really nice, my E-MU is external too, USB.
If thats the only good solution Ill be looking for one like that too :)

That really depends on the driver and the generic design done by the soundcard manufacturer, this is really hard to get supported without changing another card, either try to find if your audiocard manufacturer has an ASIO driver that supports multi I/O mode or use the MIDI WDM drivers regarding DirectX (MME drivers indeed come with a lot higher latency rate than the WDM drivers)