Computer Keyboard Octaves

I use my laptop keyboard to enter notes. However, I can not figure out how to enter notes one octave higher or lower (other than changing the note values manually or using the transpose function). I read the manual, and it says use the / key for octave down and the * key for octave up. However, on my computer keyboard, the / key simply plays an E note. I have to hit shift+8 to get a *. In sum, I can’t figure out how to play notes one octave higher or lower on my computer keyboard. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Octave Up/Down is assigned to Numpad / & Numpad *, they are not normal / & *.

On my laptop PC, Numpad / is “fn + 0”, Numpad * is “fn + p”.

If you don’t like such assignments, simply you can change them to another un-assigned keys.

3421 oct-key.png

I use Cmd(Ctrl) + [or] to increase/decrease octave on my laptop.

Using the search bar in the key commands menu is a good way to find the key commands you’re unsure on.

Indeed!! &The other way being the print button (really nice imho) or writing down small cheatsheets for yourself (I took an exercise to learn about 10 shortcuts at a time, give them a week so they can find a place in your memory)

Oh yeah. I didn’t think about reassigning the function to other keys. Thanks for the help all.

On laptop you can hold down the Fn key while you press /.