Computer Lagging!

whats up people…so I’m not computer savy, so hoping someone reading this is. Renoise started freezing up, so I closed as many unnecessary programs as possible, but didnt help much. I opend Task Manager and it’s showing 3 apps running, 41 processes(!) and cpu usage hovering just below 20%(nothing playing or down loading, etc…just idling) and maxes out when I open a new web page. There are multiple processes of the same “image name”, some under “my name” and others under “system”. Most are not using any cpu%, but still using memory. Ironicly (or maybe not…?) the smallest memory using process is the largest cpu leech; "system idle process…sucking around 90%! SO can i just end all but one of the same processes to begin with? :huh: uhhhhh…help, tnx!

P.S. have recently defraged, disk cleaned and erased large obsolete files, etc…

On Windows, System Idle Process is just the OS’s way of telling you how often the CPU isn’t doing anything. If System Idle Process is at 90%, that means your actual CPU usage is only about 10%, quite low.

There are all sorts of things Windows and other programs run under the hood. As I type this, I have 71 processes running, and I only have Firefox open, along with some stuff down in the taskbar (Dropbox, AVG, etc.), so 41 doesn’t sound unusually high. Assuming your CPU was consistently at 20%, not just spiking up to it, and you aren’t intentionally running any CPU-eating processes in the background (or foreground for that matter), 20% does seem a bit high for an idling system. What are the 3 apps you’re running?

I wouldn’t end any processes in Task Manager (especially ones under System) without knowing what they are… bad things can happen.

Finally, what’s your hardware like? CPU model, RAM, version of Windows, etc. That information is pretty important.

Also, how old is your computer? how long have you been using it? how much porn have you downloaded? ;D

completely agree with cocoa.

Nazi anti-virus bloatware ie Norton360 can seriously slow machines down

lol…no porn. Had the computer built in 03(?) Windows xp HE (5.1, build 2600)sp 3 , 1 gig of ram, 80gig hd, Processor: AMD Sempron 3000+, MMX, 3DNow, ~1.8ghz. Now I only have 2 apps running, IE and Renoise, along with ASIO and AVG and system is idling the same…

are you still running the same XP install for '03? in that case i’d suggest a fresh install, because it seems Windows is just clogged up. but, i might be wrong. however, it is what i’d do probably.

Three things:

  1. 1GB RAM = not enough. At least 2GB for SP3; the more the merrier. Rhowaldt’s suggestion of fresh install is good but I would installing recommend from a XP SP3 slipstreamed disk rather than going through service packing it

  2. SEMPRON! It’s not really a very good processor. It’s AMD’s version of an Intel Celeron which I would not recommend to my dog just to do email

  3. AVG = resource-hungry pointless bloatware. Every destructive virus I have ever seen disables most anti-virus software…

You’ve effectively got the equivalent of a netbook which, in my experience, is not great at running Renoise (nor any other audio software…ok for pr0n though ;) )

IMHO, you need to take old Yeller out in the backyard and it in the face. Sorry. :(

Can you believe the desktops we have at work still only have 512MB in them! :o :(

Sorry I disagree here, anti-virus software is a must on Windows!

well, i agree with you on this one, but i figured i’d go easy on his PC so i didn’t give him that suggestion. but you’re honest like that, so it seems.

I suspect hd space may be an issue, 80GB is not very much these days and if you have only a few GB left it would probably slow down significantly.

it does depend on the partitioning as well. if he has it all (Windows + music etc) on a single 80gb partition, that will not be advantageous.

yeah man…this thing is now ideal for porn, like them females; used and abused! Unfortunatly, cant afford a new comp atm…but will do as suggested and reinstall xp and buy more ram, and posibly an external hd for now. Any chance there’s a post or can you recommend the hardware, etc I would need to build an ideal or better(not just barely making it) comp for music and art? Dont care for mac’s btw…and assume building one is cheaper than going to bestbuy, etc? Thanks ya!

Find out what kind of motherboard you’ve got and buy the best RAM it supports, it’s a bit old and the RAM is probably overpriced because they don’t sell much of it anymore so i would’ve checked on ebay.

An internal hard drive is cheaper and faster than external ones, just check if the mobo supports Serial ATA before you buy it, maybe you better go for an IDE drive if you’re not shure. I think you would be better off replacing the system drive.
It will not support external e-SATA drives if it’s from 2003.

In my experience with old computers i find that hard drives and power supplies are the first components that goes bad.
It’s not always very easy to find out if the PSU is not working properly though, it could still “work” and just become unstable.
Maybe all you need is a fresh OS though, so you should try that first if you want to spend the least money possible.

You should also clean the dust from fans and such, if there is a lot of it the computer can get to hot to work optimal too.

Building a brand new computer isn’t necesscarily much cheaper than buying a copmplete one, it could even be more expensive.
It doesn’t have to be a killer gaming computer to run Renoise though, so you should consider to save up for a new one rather than spending a lot of money on the old wagon.

man if I cant just slap some more ram in there without having to replace THIS and THAT, then just gonna “ride it till da wheels fall off”…Ol bettsy still pushin out milk…a drop at a time! ^_^ Thanks for the info!

This. Should give your computer a good clean out at least once a year (more if in a dirty/dusty environment) and also reapply heat sink compound to the CPU and other components that have a heat sink. It dries out and stops conducting heat away so well.

Yep, depends on what you have to do with them. Audio apps demand RAM

You use your Windows Music computer on the internet? Really? Not worth it…

AVG (and indeed any AV) are constantly having a go at the harddisk. Better to have a non-Internet music machine or have dual-boot Windows(music)/Linux(pr0n). But in recent experience, big bad ‘virus’ will kill any anti-virus dead in teh water. Just don’t go to or click on any dodgy looking pop-ups that are meant to look like inherent OS windows

Anyhow, removing AVG from the OP’s machine will help (a little) but it really is a ‘bin job’ insofar as audio apps are concerned

Not worth building one. Buy a decent branded machine (Fujitsu are good value atm), upgrade the RAM from 3rd party (cheap), fit extra disk to put audio projects on, get external HD to back up onto, 3rd party audio/midi interface (M-Audio etc)

But at the end of the day this costs money. If you don’t have it, you can’t have it (sorry…no way around this one! (as ever!)) but do not waste your money/time buying RAM/re-installing OS…waste of time, I’m afraid

Best of luck

Even without trying to run audio apps 512MB really isn’t enough for a standard XP install (you might get away with a streamlined one.) The main OS requires most of that! It takes the computer 20-30mins to boot up and get into Outlook in the morning. If I just try having Outlook open and do a little work related web searches it can take a couple of minutes to switch between windows. Worst is when the process hungry MacAfee AV software is wanting to do something and basically can not use the computer for anything for ages unless you have the patience of Gandhi!

But we’re going off topic now anyway…

If only I could afford two machines.

I run an Acer Laptop with Intel Pentium Dual T3400 @2.17GHz, 4Gig ram, and Windows 7 (64bit). No problems what so ever.

In regards to defense, I run ESET NOD32 and Windows Defender. Both of these have very low footprint, regularly update, and are very well respected pieces of software with great reviews. I also run Malwarebytes Anti Malware once a month as a double check.

I’d agree to ditch AVG, it’s really not that great and does rinse your system. Go for NOD32.

My advise to OP would be to pick up something cheap with half decent spec (I wouldn’t want to go lower than what I’ve got). Wipe the whole thing, buy a terrabyte internal HDD, install Windows 7 from a partition, then install the above software and you’re good to go. And like people have already said, common sense is the best anti-virus. If you’re downloading a lot of stuff just be careful what links you click.

Just for info, I have found Avast! (in ‘Gaming’ mode) to be the best (and most unobtrusive) AV so far for Windows

Exactly what I use. Actually I don’t bother with Gaming Mode usually nowadays, just disconnect from the Network and disable Live Scans (including Files) when doing music stuff.