Computer Music Daily

Hi everyone!

Recently I’ve started work on my new project called Computer Music Daily. The aim is to create one short song every single day. Main theme is 8bit/oldschool/computer generated music. Currently there are 21 tracks already made. Finally there will be at least 100 (more if I won’t burn out). And the reason I put this info here is that Renoise is main composing tool used in the project. Listen, share, follow and enjoy!

Already posted this on Renoise’s FB group, but I think not everyone uses that devil’s tool of procastination and there are still some people that would be interested…

Which vst’s are you using?

I use mostly freeware VSTs and list is quite long. But for 8bit emulation:
De la Mancha - Basic 64, miniSID
Marc de Haar - 38911bytes, drsid, unknown 64
Jm-audio - CR-777
Sam - Chip32, VOPM

Besides, I use samples and sound recorded from Atari800Win emulator. I’m planning to use other emulators as well.

Reactivating the project: