Computer Music Magazine (uk) Reviews Renoise 2.0

Our post-person was kind enough to leave me a copy of Computer Music Magazine (May '09) today, first thing I turned to was a review of Renoise 2.0.

Renoise obtained a huge 10/10 overall, so congratulations to all the dev’s (and the community, you get a mention too). It obtained a ‘CM Performance Award’ and ‘CM Value Award’ and was praised for:

  • brilliant value
  • most professional tracker available
  • improved timing system
  • rock solid and stable
  • great quality native plug-ins
  • looks fantastically techy!

Nothing us regulars didn’t already know, but I’m sure it’ll encourage a few more people to try out Renoise.

I’m not sure if it was already posted but it has also been reviewed in Linux Format magazine (April '09), scoring 8/10 overall which is praise indeed from a FOSS obsessed magazine: “If cross-platform usability is more important to you than freedom, Renoise may suit your needs perfectly” and “Renoise is the best of it’s kind. Nobody worried about OctaMED on the Amiga costing money”.

The may '09 edition in April… well, that’s quite hot from the needle isn’t it?

I hope it’s not a late April Fool joke :P

Cool. They haven’t informed us about that. If anyone has a PDF of the review, could you send it to me (taktik renoise com)?

Very cool!

I read CM magazine a lot so I can’t wait for this edition!

It’s not an April Fools Joke. As a subscriber I get my copy of CM about a week before it gets in the shops. It is a great review!!!

That’s really great! news!
Hope I get to read the review somewhere soon.

scans please :)

second that

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oh, finally )

congratulations to the dev team!

Hi guys!
Welcome me, Iam new one here! ;)
I just downloaded demo version of Renoise, and I must say after just spending minutes, I already like it, its like Impulse tracker back in my high-school demo days again! yeee, been waiting for you Renoise, praise you! :D

And here is the scan, I had CM open at exactly right page while reading through forums ->

Heh, my first post, my first mistake, un petit photo… sorry
Here is full-size scan ->

10 download max, let me know if you need more then that ;)

Someone claimed that the same magazine contained a reference to Remixta. Is that true?

I’m going out this afternoon to buy this issue!


:drummer: :drummer: :drummer:


I only read there are no linux-specific instructions in the Quick guide but i guess they aim towards installation of Renoise regarding that?

I’m not a subscriber to CM, however I sometimes buy that magazine. At least in CM’s March issue News section, on page 11 they have a half page column titled “Trackers & Demoscene”:

On page 13, in an article on making music with netbooks, we can read:

10 out of 10 :yeah:
awesome review! congrats team

Well then let’s just quickly add it…

edit:hmmz, there is actually no installation instruction at all in the quickstart as there is a dedicated section for installation (which also contains a quickstart install for Linux)…

I’ve been buying this magazine for about 8 years and one thing I’ve always noticed is that they don’t give 10/10 out that often. This is a superb result, recognition at last!

Any chance you could reupload it some where without a 10 time download limit?

Also I though you might like to know CM features renoise every month with some basic tracker tutorials in it’s “Totally Trackers” segment,