Computerkeyboard Record From Mixer-View?

Hi!! I’m really wondering, if I’ve got Mixer view on, and Record toggled on, how do I get the computer keyboard input to record into the pattern editor, please? :)

As far as I can remember, you cannot record anything with the computer keyboard unless the pattern editor is shown. This is to avoid accidentally recording when on other views (plus, presumably some of the keys have other actions?).

Aww… Here’s to hoping


Of course it would be togglable

I’ll be -1 on this. Of course we can pluck in the “make Renoise support multiple screens and have the mixer on one screen and the pattern view on another” wishes, but with all the geek explanations aside, AFAIK that will mean recoding Renoise from the roots. Just saying that THAT way would be the best way to implant this.

a -1 from me too. i often deliberately go into Mixer View to just do some DSP-fiddling while pressing notes for test-purposes. i hate switching Record mode off in the Pattern Editor, so this is how i do that.