I just need to loose some ¤#(#@!!% frustration over my lousy relation with computers… I must be the unluckiest guy on earth when it comes to computers.

Today I think I finally found out the problem with my computer won’t work. Some wierd stuff happened when I installed linux so my HD is only booting from the RAID jack now. That took some time to find out, but now I guess a complete format will fix it. But now my internet is so slow I can’t even read all the posts here until new posts pop up :) Hopefully the new modem which is on it’s way will solve this. So the other day when I was using my second computer its power unit just broke down without any obvious reason. The new thing today is that my should-be-really-low-latency-but-refuses-to-go-below-42ms-soundcard sounds awful… distorted on low volumes. Luckily I have much patience, but if something more happens I’ll probably jump out the window… :(

Anyone else had any unlikely problems when we’re at the subject? :)

:huh: :blink:

Jesus! Which distro was that?

Mandrake… but the problem might have been on the Windows side. After partitioning, windows installation and win install CD wouldn’t boot up because of the HD…

which bootloader are you using? (LILO? GRUB?) if you can edit your bootloader config you can usually reconfigure it to boot windows just fine.

No idea, but obviously there was some installed by mandrake by default. Then I tried to remove it both with the mandrake install CD and with the WinXP repair console but no luck… It’s no big deal anylonger because I’m formatting the disk anyway. Hmm… maybe I should dedicate the entire HD to linux and not get into any more partitioning problems…

And today I got my DSL working! 8 MBit @ full speed again! Life is good :D :P