Concept 1

I’ve been having way too much fun with the “Automatic Sample Slice-Marks” thingy as of late. It really allows for some creative drum stylizing and whatnot.

Anyways, here’s a track to showcase all that jazz: Concept 1 (7/8). I uploaded it to Newgrounds due to Soundcloud’s recent problems in terms of sound quality, which I’m hoping some of you have become aware of by now.

It’s Venetian Snares except more focused on jazzy DnB insanity! I appreciate insanity though-- WHOOWHOOWHOOIKIKIKIKINEE!

nice blurp, but only 1 minute?

Yeaaah - sorry about the length. My workflow is pretty dang bad, and that’s really putting it lightly. I envy people who can pump out quality tunes in a very short span of time like Sun of Wisdom does - I mean, how many remixes does the guy MAKE: its just ridiculous! :blink:

really cool and playfull muzak dude!

It’s too good, and logically : it’s too short. :walkman: