Concept: Renoise Free Form Mode

Renoise Free Form Mode:

How sweet that would be… OMG :walkman:

so people with bigger /high res. screens will have an advantage over those who have not ??
Hmm strange idea

1pixel is 1pixel no matter where in the world you live ;)

You can already drag notes freely from line to line, column to column , but I’d love to be able to Shift-drag to roll through delay values, be nice if while you were doing it there were some sort of graphical feedback to show howmuch offset you were adding.

Hi. To be able to define “centers of gravity” (highlighted rows, etc) for the overall song would be awesome. This would turn quantization into a kind of “abacus template” method.

The notes on the row (on the one line of abacus) could be altered via templates, which affect everything rhythmically. If you have defined 4 notes to happen during the duration of every beat, your recorded-in (input) notes would be placed onto those spots automatically.

This could bedynamically read from the existing pattern data, so if you create a backing melody onto something which has already been melodically or rhythmically syncopated, it will automatically follow this much more advanced groove setting, or however you would like to talk about it.

I for one would welcome being able to slap in the notes that I already know I will play, and then, keep the notes themselves, but still be able to fit them around a rhythm. Most of the time I know exactly what I would play in, but tracking it in is not the same thing as knowing which keys to press. And knowing which keys to press and when, to get the specific melody or bassline, does not mean that I know how to translate it into how Renoise shows it. This is my biggest problem with Renoise.
If I could just say, okay, this 64 row pattern will have 3 notes in it, and they’ll happen roughly here, here and here, and have the 3 notes which are in a safe-space, be mapped to those highlight rows, and these highlight rows could be affected by notes in the other tracks surrounding them, it’d be absolutely swell.

Basically I’m talking about this old method which some old hardware sequencers had, which was to be able to store notes, and then the notes would be played when a gate/cv trigger is sent to the sequencer - which, upon receiving this trigger, advances one step forward (for instance). The “highlight row” would be the “trigger”, and the “safe-space” would be the “hardware sequencer step content”, per note.

any form of allowing the user to define “grid snap points” would be a w e s o m e. grid snap points would be what highlights would be. You could switch the snap points around by deciding which pattern’s which portion would have a higher resolution grid point, for those doubletime melodies or rhythms, etc.

do you mean…
a ) more lines per beat?
b ) less pixels per line? (vertical)
c ) black empty cells? (without characters like … ---- 00)

‘a )’ can be done with Lines / Beat
‘b )’ can be achieved with a smaller font
about ‘c )’ i don’t know

dragging selections is already there

ps: i’m now realizing you mean handling the tracker-notes like piano-roll notes, you want it less like a spreadsheet and more like a graphics software?
if renoise would move away from the cell-grid to freely moveable objects on no grid at all (but with aligning/quantisizing features) then…
i guess…

  1. objects (notes) could overlap (be drawn overlayed). you want this?
  2. stored in a list instead of an array… actually should be an internal issue, having no big effect to the user

discussion to move renoise into the direction of piano roll like software goes back to 2002 as you can see. somewhen it’ll probably happen. or not.

Yeah, I know all of this, Im just jealous of the logic and live’s ability for high res quantization :)

Been tracking since 96, but now “its the future man” and Id just LOVe if renoise had a free form mode where us trackers can move notes round freely, not being “forced” into small boxes and oldschool 90s techno.

Yeah sure you can use a small font and 32lines per beat, but it just makes the track run so fast you cant figure out whats going on. If you could just use Free Form Mode, the notes would snap to pixels and you you are totally “free from the boxes”.

Freedom of movement, freedom of note placements… Personally Tracking ROCKS, but Id really like higher resolution on note placements without having to do workarounds like note delays and triggering effects :)

nuff said ;)

but still, (dreaming of free note movement in renoise) :walkman:

Turn off the cell grids, and the ability to drag the notes freely.

Now thats what I want for christmas :lol:

renoise free porn mode is a good idea +1

renoise “free form” mode however…



Freeform mode would be cool. The main thing that I like in piano roll is that you can move notes back & forth(up & down also but I think it would not be possible in that kind of free form mode). That way you can easily create the groove fast and correct it instead of deleting old note and placing it again. But yeah, adding delays works for me for now.

This is great idea… generally working with tracker has it’s limitations when it’s needing greater resolutions and small movement of notes, and this is maybe best way to overcome that. Yea, you can delay notes, yes, you can change ticks per beat on the fly, but I see all of those as a workarounds. You have to make a lots of adjustments to create something that is so simple to play with your keyboard. If we don’t have ticks per beat anymore inside pattern itself, we could zoom in and just move notes at free will, with keyboard or mouse or… fingers, why not? press down to enter note, use slide finger left/right to change note and up/down to move it in time.