Config File?

so you do all these nice changes your happy with, in the main config menus (gui, audio, misc, colours etc) but when you leave the program does it not leave a file somwhere within the renoise folder?

Have a look at: C:\Documents And Settings\Application Data\Renoise\

  • folder names might differ, due to translation.

aha found it… i guess it’s the Config.xml ?

you might think it’s weird asking why but a friend has got renoise now too but has the default settings (which i think, looks/feels differcult) so i could get him this file on a floppy.

on a floppy? shit… is it really still 1989!!!

:) j/k


If you want to export your theme (colour of your gui settings), click the “Theme” radio button in the diskbrowser, fill in the filename you want to save it as in the textline next to the grey disc icon. As soon as you type in something the disk-icon becomes available by turning white, then you can save your theme by clicking it and give that to your friend.

ohyeah! thanks, didnd’t say that theme thing, so what saves things like keyboard-shortcuts? that file mentioned earlier?

That would be the KeyboardBinding.xml file. :)