Config For Scroll Speed

Something for preferences:

A value box/ slider which will dictate the speed to up/down/left/right scrolling of the cursor with the arrow keys, in the pattern editor.

Can be a bit slow IMO sometimes, but a config so can suit all.

Would have to be key repeat speed. Have a feeling this kind of thing may be handled by you OS (you can set it in Windows anyway.) Have you tried playing about with this?

How fast you’re able to move the cursor while holding a key currently depends on two preferences: Keys > Keyboard Repeat Rate and GUI > Frame Rate

Keyboard Repeat Rate does exactly what you’d expect it to, but it is still limited by the main Frame Rate in Renoise itself. I assume this is because things are quite tightly linked in Direct X, so display and input handlers seem to rely on the same timers/controllers. So if you run Renoise at a low frame rate, you’ll also find that keyboard input is ultimately restricted by the same frame rate.

Anyway, set your Frame Rate to the highest possible value, set Keyboard Repeat Rate to the lowest possible value. This should result in a much more responsive behaviour.

The settings you have in Windows do not apply to Renoise since it uses DirectInput.

Thanks kazakore and for the detailed post dblue!

It indeed has helped, more-so with left right cursor movement than up/down movement. I guess that may have something to do with the whole pattern having to be moved all the time with up down.

Anyhow will mess around with these settings to try and find an optimum.


My mouse settings make a HUGE difference in Renoise so I guessed this would be the same. Obviously I was wrong though. Glad somebody understand the intricacies better than me.

That’s quite interesting actually. Other than the obvious pointer speed and stuff like that, which settings did you notice making a difference in Renoise? The one that I would expect to be obvious would be the setting for number of lines skipped with the scrollwheel, but it doesn’t have any effect here.

Specific stuff to the touch pad like continue scrolling when you get to the end of the pad, a weird setting that confused me for ages when you scroll and let go and it continues until you tap it again and a couple of other bits I noticed when I first got my laptop. Not so much the general Windows stuff as the more advanced so maybe that doesn’t affect it, not done as deep an in-depth analysis to be sure so maybe only the Synaptics driver stuff actually carries across, not the Windows/more base level stuff.

Never played about with the desktop as was always happy with how it functioned.

Hmm have just changed the basic setting for scroll from 3 lines at a time to one page and it now seems to scroll backwards. Changed to to 12 lines and I have to move my finger a long way, changed it to 1 line and a tiny movement and it moves two lines (opposite to what I would of expected) so it proves the Windows setting 100% definitely do affect the mouse operation in Renoise (and thus my assumption keyboard would too not so silly.)

Just had a play with both the repeat rate and repeat delay (how long before key is repeated when held down) and neither seemed to make any difference in Renoise, as you suggested.