config.xml in renoise dir?

This must have been posted at some time but can’t find it.
Well it would be nice if everything was in the renoise dir instead of C:\Documents and Settings\bazooka joe\Application Data\Renoise\V2.8.0 . I ghost my C: drive every month so it would be nice if Renoise just remembered my config.xml tweaks on my D drive e.g. D:\appz\renoise28\ - or perhaps finding a new default song etc. Not that big of a hassle copying the settings directory before ghosting, it would just make sense having everything in the same dir IMO.

No! Application data should be stored in the Application Data location! In fact, with Windows 7, you can’t even save into the Program Files directory without being logged in as an Administer! Thus you would not be able to change any Preferences without having to put in administrator login details. Learn how to use your PC!

If you back up C you are backing up %APPDATA% (unless you have moved it, which I very much doubt!) anyway.

Maybe actually explain your problem more accurately. How does ghosting your drive cause any issues with your config anyway? By ghosting you mean backing up, rather than reverting? If reverting to previous why the EFF are you doing that so regularly anyway?

Running XP here with DriveImage from [CENSORED] boot-cd which works the same as Norton Ghost; therefor the term “ghosting”. So my C partition is on my D partition a la D:\important_stuff\C-backup.img but Renoise always(?) reads from c:\local settings… instead of the directory which it is installed in, in my case: d:\audio appz\renoise\ . So I have to copy c:\local settings… to D: every time I change a shortcut because I “ghost” monthly. So why couldn’t it all just be in the same directory as Renoise is installed in?

Whatever is put in the Renoise dir is erased with each new update of Renoise, so therefore not possible and also not desirable.
Application data is stored in the documents and settings folder. If you do something with backup plans, you better start learning to deal with those folders by default, because it will not only be Renoise you will stumble against this problem.
I doubt you want to go through the hassle to ask every software developer you have installed their software to ask them to write user-specific settings in the program its own installation folder and i doubt any of them would grant you the priviledge.

Well, no it’s not erased with every update; it installs in \Renoise 2.7.2 or \Renoise 2.8 etc. But now that I think of it, it makes sense on a multiuser system; different settings for each user - although most computers are only used by one person.
Case dismissed then. Gotta do a backup.bat file.

Something which isn’t even possible with Vista and newer versions of Windows anyway!

If it really bothers you I suggest you do some reading into how to relocate the %APPDATA% folder. I can’t remember if this one can be done at any point other than initial install offhand… I did used to have my entire Documents & Settings folder on my D drive though so I know it is possible.