Configs 1.8?

Hi all, sorry this must be a silly question, but where did the Configs go (such as Device type, ‘Save current song as startup song’, Color Themes and such). I simply can’t find it in 1.8.

Is there a document like “switching from 1.5 > 1.8” which explains all these things and where they are now?

Thanks in advance!

You can find it in the Main Menu found in the upper left corner of the screen. It’s in Edit / Preferences. You can find all “set and forget” settings there.

Argh, how silly am I - I am SO used to 1.5, I never thought of looking up the taskbar! Cool stuff! Thanks Ambivalence!
God am I silly!

Why all the undeserved self-critism?
You’re not the first one to stumble against a lacking that doesn’t server your habit anymore.
Stupid questions are questions that aren’t asekd.

True, true - but it’s so stupidly obvious once you know Renoise 1.8 has a Program Menu like every other standard application and all preferences would be found under File or Edit - you can’t do it any simplier and more user friendly really :) Thanks for not making me look too silly asking this question, vvoois :)