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I’m a complete Newbie to Renoise. In the above screenshot from the Internet I’ve labeled the two tracks 1 & 2.
Track one is how Renoise appears to me. First a sample lane, then one column for volume.
Track 2 has a volume column AND a panning column.
How can I make all of my tracks have both columns like in track 2?.
Also, how come in track 2 there are yellow AND green numbers in the same column.

I used Trackers from 1988 with ‘The Care Bears’ Tracker, Med, and then Octamed.
In the mid-nineties I went on to use Logic, Cubase, Sonar and FL Studio. I never got used to the work flow with traditional DAWs, so I’m thrilled to rediscover my love for writing music using a Tracker.
Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance for any help.
LTP. :+)

Do you see below the pattern in the knobs row “VOL” “PAN” “DLY” “FX”… just enable them while having cursor in the track, and the additional parameter columns will show up. Also with the + and - buttons above the track you can add columns for notes and effects. hth

before asking some basic stuff, i suggest you to

  1. first take a look at awesome tutorials: because videos are easy to comprehend
  2. Read the manual
  3. Read manual again
  4. Discover keybindings
  5. read manual again…
    welcome & have fun, renoise is awesome!
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Thanks. Much appreciated. :+)
I searched YouTube and the manual, but couldn’t find anything. I didn’t notice the column buttons below the tracks.
I probably searched for the wrong keywords.
LTP. :+)

Thanks Cloud’s Gone. Great answer. Very helpful. :+)