Whaz up, guyz!

Here I come with a new experimental trance track called Confused! I will appreciate feedbacks or any constructive criticism or even impressions.

With Regardz BrainClaim

Sounds good so far.

Some tips : try to use some whitenoise fx-sweeps with filter cutoffs, Impact samples. up and downlifters to make it sound more complete, it misses some ingredients :slight_smile: Maybe slow down the tempo a tiny bit

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate that :slight_smile:

It is an interesting track, though I liked your “heaven” track much better from its sound and definition. Been a while since I listened both, but still remember, and so now I post for you as I find the time.

Maybe it is interesting because of the “warm” sound it has, that is unusual. The main synth is very warm sounding, though it also seems to suck away a lot of the midrange to achieve the sound, which might in turn be lacking space for the punch or definition of the attacks of the other instruments? I also thought the top end was not as present, but I decided to kind of like it this way instead of suggesting to beef things up with cheesy noise swirls. But I’m no flat spectrum nazi unlike many other edm people.

What is problematic in my opinion are 2 things. The first is the lacking punch in the transients. Compare with the “heaven” track, you will find in it the attacks crack through a lot better. The confused track sounds a lot more flat. I know the problem from my own experiments, hours of tweaking a kickdrum until it sounds cool, just to find the next day comparing it to other sounds that it is much too weak in the bass and lacks the strong transient/attack and almost sounds like a melodic bass note. The ears progessively get used after XYZ minutes of similar sounds and tend to amplify features that are in reality only very weakly present. The damn thing that eats most transients from my experience is compressors/limiters with very fast attack and suboptimal pre/post leveling.

The other is the lag in the bass notes when they fall onto the bassdrum attack. I don’t know if it is intended because of the title of the track and the tag you used. I guess it is because of the sidechaining not spot on timing wise. When I heard this I first felt funny, and then thought like “wow drugged dancers might fall over trying to dance to this”. Other than this effect, the sidechaining seems to work quite well, giving the mix a sensation of size.

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