Some confused music:

Lol for a song called “confusion” this is incredibly well focused. Really, really, really like this one. . . the melody work is well done, and there is a real sense of innate structure here (even though, again, it’s called confusion). Be interested in knowing what synth you are using are ~2:05 in the track (that resonated bass sound).


Thank you TheCytha, i have no idea why i called it confusion in the first place, it’s just a silly name. :stuck_out_tongue:

The resonant bass sound is a sample called ‘303 Honk Slice 01’ layered with Bassline VST, can’t remember where the sample came from i’m afraid.

Confused about why it was named confusion, I love it! :slight_smile:

Thnx for the note on the sample - thought maybe there was some 303 origin there (actually helpful to know that there is some layering going on for my own trainings). Thanks!

Interesting work. It sounds like you walk down the street and suddenly you feel a phobia, which is odd because you do not know where it came from andwhat has caused it. Maybe it is one of those streets in Blade runner universe.

I love the weird crazy vocals, it gives the song the right confusion. Keep it up! :slight_smile: