Congratulations It-alien

Happy Birthday to ya!

Yeah from me too! All the best! :)


Happy birthday It, and ales too.

How do Aliens celebrate their birthday?

Congrats IT-Alien! Yeah I also wonder how Aliens do it :D

Good wishes to you!
so, are you now old enough to marry me?

congratulations! :)

Whoa - you’re old ;)

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday IT-Alien
Happy birthday to you

happy birthday to yoooo!

hope you have a grand-slam ass-shaking party tonight :)

:guitar: :guitar:

All the best also from me!

Happy Birthday It.Alien!
Very best wishes and good luck for the future.
enjoy your time!


we aliens spend our birthday night at the chess club :)

Well much luck against all your chess components on this special day of yours :)

i guess than advising not to drink too much won’t really be appropriate here, does it? :)

here I am again… thanks you all for your greetings; I’ve been in a belgian-beer pub with 16 friends, and I’ve drunk water :)


So next year you will be major 29… congrats!

Life is changing. When you come to my age, you notice that :lol:

Happy b’day, and merry Christmas too since we’re in the vicinity. Did you get a double helping of presents when you were a kid?