Connect EMU E6400 to Renoise

hey all :slight_smile:

been scouring the internet for an answer to this but no one seems to go into detail…

take the old school set up as - EMU/AKAI Sampler … Atari/Commodore running a Tracker to trigger the sampler (oh and recycle to chop)

so now I have Renoise + EMU e6400…

how do i get my EMU to be triggered by Renoise i.e Rev, Pitch and all of Renoise’ other functions. Obviously I can trigger from it would I need a MIDI map, if so can anyone shed any light?



here dillinja doing his thing for reference…

How do you expect your emu to recognize a reverse command ?

I don’t even think that any hardware sampler can reverse a sample in real time, at least my yammie A5000 doesn’t , and I doubt the emus and akai’s can do it .

Reverse sample commands only works with internal samples ;

You can send retrigger , velocity to your sampler but that’s about it .,.

What you should do , is make a duplicate of your sample ( inside the sampler ) and reverse it , then trigger it , then again your missing out on all the stuff that makes a tracker/renoise so great = REAL TIME SAMPLE COMMANDS

yeah you can’t use the native renoise effect commands.

pitch automation is totally doable with midi and the Cord table though!