Connecting Vsti's

It is possible to connect two vsti’s in Renoise? If possible how? Thanks.

do you mean you want to let renoise play two different VST instruments when playing a single note?

this is not possible, unless maybe with some strange MIDI linkage.

If your question is different than this, please specify

oh, on a second thought, this could be possible by loading the two VST instruments into an instance of energyXT and use this one as an instrument into renoise

give energyxt a try; inside renoise, it can be used to circumvent almost all of renoise limitations

As It-Alien said, it is not possible in Renoise. However, I do this everyday with energyXT loaded as a VSTi in Renoise. Not only two VSTi:s, but as many as I want. Connect a mixer in the chain and you can mix several VSTi:s together, creating some cool new sounds. The best thing is that energyXT also saves all this as a single patch, which makes it possible to load up the exact same patch in another external sequencer as well.

Ok, i know that i can load XT or Bidule in Renoise and do that (i wanted to feed one vsti’s output into other’s input). Anyway thanks for the answers;)