Considering to buy monitors...

Hi Guys!

I really like producing music it is a great way to clear my mind and express my creativity, done it in 3D modeling for years and now I want to give the production of music a good shot also.

Currently I have a Creative GigaWorks T3 2.1 set, and they sound GREAT in my opinion, bass is a little bit overdone but thats easily fixed by adjusting it manually on the backside of the sub. Now when i’m producing i use my headphones (headphones i’ve bought long before i bought renoise) Sennheiser HD201 nothing special actually, missing a little bit of bass in my opinion, frankly this unfortunately this can’t be fixed by adjusting it on the headphones.

I’ve been watching a lot of “In the studio with” movies and i’ve seen these black/yellow speakers that almost every DJ seems to have, googled around and found the “KRK R6” passive speakers. Can you guys tell me what are the advantages of buying real studio monitors vs my currently Creative set?

And are the KRK monitors any good?

Thanks in advantage,

Studio monitors are supposed to give you a “clean” non affected sound. I would really recommend that you get a pair if you are serious with your music. Check out, they have a few test on different monitors. When it comes to monitors i would say thay money matters, the more expensive the better(often, not always). So, it really depends on your budget. Could check out ebay as well, might find some nice ones over there…

If i would recommend something it would be Genelec or Mackie, good and affordable.

One more thing though, the better monitors the more important that you have a treated room. So check some Acoustic info online, probably on musicradar aswell…

The most important thing is to know Your system and know how it sounds…

So basically when your track sounds good on your monitors, the track should work on every type of audio system? My budget is around 300 euro max. The Genelec ones easily go over that, even for one single monitor, i’ll check out the Mackies later today. I think that i’m also going to need some kind of soundcard or audio interface on order to connect both of the monitors to my computer, do soundcards make any difference these days? Currently i’m using my onboard sound, i also have a SoundBlaster soundcard.

Thanks for your answer,

Well, sort of… In a perfect world it should but in reality it wont… Or it will. Best advice again is to “learn” you system, learn the art of mixing and do alot of A/B mixing(listen to tunes that you like that are good mixed and compare them to your music). Another aspect is that those tunes are mastered so keep that in mind. But a good start is to get a fairly good soundcard and monitors, yes.

Soundcard makes difference, if you are considering more than 2 ins and outs. But if you just need a “basic” card i would suggest going for “m-audio fast track” or something in that range.
some links:

Thanks for your response, yesterday i checked out the links and i’m currently looking at the following setup:

  • M-Audio BX5 D2 DJ monitors
  • Omnitronic M0-1 monitor stands (2)
  • And some cabling (unsure which ones)

So some new questions pop-up, and i hope you guys can help me out:

  1. If i decide to use 2x Jack 6.3mm to 1x Jack 3.5mm so that both of the monitors have their input from a single 3.5mm jack on my computer, will the quality be affected? or is this the way to go?
  2. Do you guys have experience with the M-Audio BX5 D2 series, do they apply for a beginning producer?

Thanks in advance!