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Pretty slick.

Question: What makes something “Neuro funk”? Or Neuro DnB?

wow heavy track :slight_smile: now I don’t dare to post my own creation anymore (but I will anyway) :drummer:

Very very cool. Good sound design on the bass. Just a tad too short, could use some heavier drops and more…eh, repetition to get the thing longer.

Two things that seem imp-perfect to me: in sequences with pads or other mid/high instruments in there, there’s good amount of room added. But it’s not hard compressed towards pronouncing the bass and snare whacks like some other neurofunk artists use to do. This is matter of preference ofc. ducking high freqs to bass/snare and the more aggressive other instruments can result in real spacy amplification of aggressive rhythms, as percieved by the listener. First time I listened I had the impression the tune went into the mud in those passages, though second time in sober state it seemed clearer and more linear mixed for me.

Oh and the second hard part - that fm synth stab thing seems a little too dry and direct for me. I mean this type of music is for masochists, but those also like being spaced up instead of teased with the ever same tooth drill. Dunno this doesn’t really work for me.

The talking spacemonster bass is rad, cool modulations! Wanna share some hints on how it was designed? I’m after creating similliar atm, just can’t get it right. The warping of the drum freqs is also cool. Do I see some parallels in this tune to latest noisia ep? Was it done by distortion intermodulation with a bass filtered out afterwards or via ringmod? I know this effect is to mimic those crappy soundsystems that dnb djs used to crank up beyond limit when performing in a cheesy club, part of oldschool jungle sound for me somehow - you only got it right in those clubs, never from a clean mixtape. I bet the amps needed replacement often. :ph34r:

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Neurogami: Not sure, i would say dnb with heavy bass/reese modulations.

@OopsIFly: You’re right. Its not perfect. I’m currently experimenting alot and i was quite happy with the sound of this “demo”. :slight_smile: About the modulations:You should definitely check vst xfer serum. Its much easier to create these kind of reese sounds with a wavetable synth. The full modulation was done completely in serum, because to set up these kind of automations directly in renoise wasn’t usable for me. There is alsoa bug in renoise or serum, because both bass modulations have a small reverb tail, which wasn’t planned and not audible before, but i like it.

I’m not sure what you mean with warping of drum freqs, could you give me a timecode? :slight_smile: Maybe you mean the “reese hit”, which will be played at the same spot like the snare. Its just another sound done in serum.

With “warping” I actually mean the effect most noticable on hats/snares in the drums section. Throughout the whole tune where drums are in action. Sounds a bit as if throug a low freq ringmod, or whatever. I had to think about a few jungle parties, where the dj’s overloaded the amplifiers with heavy bass, to distort it and it’d make the breaks being “sucked away” in sync to the bass, with similliar effect. One of my projects is to find the best way to feed a subbass into a distortion together with the hf drum content and partially remove the bass afterwards, to have similliar effect but under greater control. Had to think about it, because I just found out about the incessant ep where such effect seems to be used, and in your tune it also sounds similliar. But maybe ringmod with the right (low) frequency is better, or even better ringmod the percs with some (inaudible) dummy sine bass - sad renoise won’t allow such fx with 2 stereo inputs.

As for the bass, ok can’t buy vst, so I’ll have to straddle on chaining filters, phasers and combs atop of snarling growlbasses until I found a good recipe. But yours sounds very cool, and very professional. It’s really like some alien voice that’s gnarling something, that sounds similliar to speech but has way different formants than human… Each time I try I’m close to getting at least somewhere in far circle around where I want, but then fuck up everything trying to tune it to get closer :smashed:

No rindmod or something special was used for the drums. Its just a reverb, a filter to get space for bass and a limiter to get it loud. Everything in a single instrument with the full drum pattern as phrase. Its quite nice to use it like break loop samples. :slight_smile:

For the bass: Too sad, because serum is awesome. It’s quite complicated to get this sound with just effects. As you mentioned, you need alot filters, phasers, maybe doing “massive” resampling.

You should try the demo:

Love it. Drum and Bass is your stong suit. :slight_smile:

Mmmhmmmm! I’m usually not a fan of “dirtiest of the dirty”-DNB Tracks, but this really got me! Especially the harmonic bridge near the middle of the track is so surprisngly soft, great job! :slight_smile:

this is big!

Sick track, dude.

I like the neuro bass quite a bit. That was all in serum?

I feel like it could use some fleshing out and extending in terms of the composition. Not crazy about that mid/high freq resonance following some of the snare hits, but that’s probably just a matter of taste.

Any serum neurofunk bass tutorials you’d recommend?


hexeye: goto youtube, user “SeamlessR” channel/series “How to Bass”. From part 100 or so dude handles serum a bit. Dude seems baked somewhat, but makes heavy duty obscene stuff, no faked stuff that sounds weak. Whole series is about heavy neuro/reese basses, and it really is obscene quality, not just some detuned sawwaves. Though fl and the galore of current stateart plugins are handled, his tricks can be applied with other plugins tho.

^ alright, cool. I will check it out. I’ve seen a couple of seamlessR’s tuts, but not how to bass.


Sounds great!

thx :slight_smile:

@hexeye: asOopsIFly mentioned, seemlessR’s tutorial videos are a good start. for me, it seems, its much easier to do this kind of sound just in serum alone. and yes, its all serum.

Question: What makes something “Neuro funk”? Or Neuro DnB?

There’s actually a pretty extensive Wikipedia article on this:

Choice quote: “the eroticization of anxiety”

For me neuro is a style that has do do with smoking a lot of pot and the sensations of a deep morphing bassline juxtaposed with a relentless almost industrial breakbeat that comes with that.

Great track.

For the bass: Too sad, because serum is awesome. It’s quite complicated to get this sound with just effects. As you mentioned, you need alot filters, phasers, maybe doing “massive” resampling.

You should try the demo:

Awesome sound :clownstep:

Fuckin’ sick!