Contacting Forum Moderators And Admins.

As known for a long time, this forum has been having a high respect level amongst their users.
Though heavy discussions and disagreements may not be avoidable, we would like to prevent discussions getting out of hand.
Various contact options are being used to report content-issues regarding the forum and on this area we would like to bring some clarity of how you can best reach us when things are going wrong.

If you have other forum specific questions, feel free to send a direct PM to any of the admins / moderators.

Besides the general forum rules

Here is a simple checklist that we highly recommend any forum-member here gets him or herself accustomed to to keep things going neatly without us having to intervene at all:

-Read first and read carefully and if you are a new member:please read a lot to get an idea what kind of culture this forum exists of so you can blend yourself in easily.
-Ask many, conclude less: Never assume or conclude anything if you don’t know for sure if what you read, can be interpreted only one way, so ask clearity before responding. Not everybody speaks /writes perfect English so some expressions can be made a bit unfortunate while no harm intended.
-Making a joke should pose no problems, but make it a habit to use the correct smileys with those. Without those smileys, your output is usually taken serious instead of you being interpreted as funny.
-Try to avoid getting personal in public, specially if this is about negative content. (Praising and positive commentary however is very welcome in public ;) )
-If you have a disagreement with another forum-member:please try to resolve this in private:Do not backfire in public in the same topic and do not start a new public topic and then duplicate the bad atmosphere to that location.

-If you cannot resolve the matter alone and need moderator aid: Click the report button in the specific post -> this is the fastest and best way to reach the forum admins and moderators. All other contact-methods will not be forwarded to the forum moderators, please do not use those.
We try to keep an eye on stuff, but we are unfortunately not the all-seeing eye’s so we can miss a debate going wrong. We intervene if we are quick but you can help us out by using that report button if it looks like we miss out.
As said:things are usually quite peaceful here so we are not really on the lookout for these type of events.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a fun and comfortable time around here.

The forum moderation team.