Continue Playing Sample After Loop

Just playing around with loops on a sample for the first time. Usually my drums have been samples and most other sounds have been either single shot or VSTi so not really done much with sample looping or the Instrument section. I thought that, assuming you have a envelope with Sustain set, one you released the key the sample would play the portion after the looped section. This does not appear to be the case. Is there any way to set it to do this?

Usual i would say, use 09xx command, but the 9xx command is useless when the loop mode has been turned on because offsets are in that case related to the boundaries of the looped area.

This is one of the many needed features currently lacking from Renoise’s internal sample-based instrument functionality. Even Impulse Tracker had this, as I recall.

I thought it was standard behaviour on just about everything with loops to be honest. I had hoped it was just a case of me trusting my eyes and not my ears as the cursor never leaves the boundries of the loop after releasing the key. Either that or there was a toggle option to end instantly or play to end of sample on Note Off.

And saying that it seems the note isn’t killed once you get to the end of the volume envelope either as the cursor continues bouncing around in the loop section. Surely that is acting as an active note even though it has finished, and thus using up resources, no?

Yes, I suspect it is. Renoise has many strong points, but it just isn’t a very good sampler at the moment. Many of us are hoping that features like this (along with multi-sample layering, round-robin sample selection, crossfade looping, and all the other standard “sampler” features) will appear in a not-too-distant future version of Renoise.

I think you need to use the Fadeout option in the volume envelope for this. Otherwise the note doesn’t actually stop playing, the envelope just stops at the end with whatever volume is set there.

Damn I had forgotten you had said that and thought it would be a way around it. Renoise still marks 09 values for the whole sample on the ruler and when you click the waveform.

If we can’t have the option to play release phase on Note Off automatically can we please at least have 09xx values work for the whole sample even when Loop is enabled. Although a little more work it would vastly improve things and can’t imagine it being that much of a headache to implement…