Continuous (loop) Playback In The Sample Editor

I was about to master a track in Renoise’s Sample Editor and I found out that if I want to loop a sample without holding a note I have to:

  1. select loop forward (with loop points)
  2. enable a volume envelope in the Instrument Editor with a 100% volume
  3. disable fadeout

Not that of a big deal, but still it could be more elegant, since it seems like a common task…

The most obvious solution that comes to mind is a “loop enable” or a “play looped” button, as seen in some audio editors.

An alternative would be that when you enable loop forward and press the “play selected area” button it plays it looped.

In Audacity it’s a shift+click, so that may work too.

Yeah, that could also do it. Or a right click, for example.
But then the feature would be too hidden and the play button would have to be enhanced visually.

This feature would be even more useful now that we have quantized selection. You could select a part of a sample and loop it quickly.

BTW, just to clarify: the looping feature would only work for the “Play the selected area” button (or Enter). So that it’s not confused with the looping points.

But if not an area is select, but just a point in time, why not "play from here and loop at end of sample (or the loop end, if a loop is set)). Would be useful. Right now the only way to play a sample looped is to press a key. That means playing from the beginning, which sometimes sucks.

Yeah, if an area is not selected it should just loop the entire sample.
I think the loop points (S and E) should be completely ignored, if not it may get confusing.

When I want to loop a sound continuously I start the sound, and while pressing the note (usually Z or Q) I click on a parameter input (Volume for instance) and since it disregards letter input it wont change the parameter when I press Return and the sound loops continuously without pressing the key anymore. :)

Shift-click would be easier though…