Continuum: A Flight Through Time And Space

Legend’s Ghost - Continuum: A Flight Through Time and Space

I just finished this one a few weeks ago. I did all of it with vst synths on Renoise, except for the bass solo, of course. The bass is played by my bandmate and friend Sergey Proshunin. One of his main influences is Jaco Pastorius, and I think it shows in his solo. And he can do some pretty cool things with a bass…

Pretty good, especially from about 1:20 onwards.

You mean after the bassist comes in?

OK. Managed to download it. I mean from 1:47 onwards + nice transition from the first part to the next.
Generally, I would like the sound to be a bit more dirty, and at times little less computer synthy and less grand orchestral/grandiose. Yearh, a matter of taste.
The light strings in the beginning (very noticeable from 1:00-1:20) lacks character, too cheesy for me.

Your song is a good example of how adding a live recorded element to a computer song (here the bass) gives the whole song … well, life.
More recorded stuff could make it even better, perhaps.

Thanks for your comments. Sergey and I actually experimented with having him play the whole song, but then I decided that while he sounded really good, it didn’t fit with the concept of the song (someone going from a very synthetic future where everything is computerized to the present, which is kind of a mix of synthetic and organic, to the past, which was much more organic.) So the different sections represent different time periods. In the album version, it will also have some tribal-style bongos. (I haven’t recorded those yet.)

The reason that Sergey is the only live musician on the recording is twofold: 1. I wrote the song for him to show him off, and 2. I can’t afford to record with a whole live symphony orchestra for the orchestral part.