A short song I made for a video… well… I think it would be more accurate that I made the video for the song… but I had to do the video for my video production class…

oh and plz rate and or comment…


Nice one! That’s well edited. The song fits it nicely too. I assume you made the video with a BPM in mind…

I sync’d the video on the song after I made it.

thanks for the comment

This works really well as the self-portrait of a multi-disciplinary artist. As a Montrealler who aspires towards art, I can relate.

The music bleeds into the studio drumming, which feeds into the painting, which is an abstract representation of the subway map, which leads to routine, with a surprisingly effective reference to repletion, yet dedication.

Short is sweet. I liked what I saw.

wow thanks for this very flattering critique.

Really well done. Good little bit of multimedia.