Control Dsp Effects With Instr.envelopes

Since you can control Volume, Pan, Cuttoff, Resonance etc with envelopes already wouldn’t it be cool if you could add basicly any of the Built in DSP to a chain and have envelopes controlling dry/wet, or any other parameter in the effect on trigger.

I really missed it yesterday when i was working on a bassline, and I wanted to make it a little disted just at the start of the note played, but distortion decreasing on hold, or changing according to an evelope on trigger.

Seen some suggestions regarding adding effects per instrument instead of track or both, but i think both would be really handy. Adding a chain to the instrument with parameters controllable with envelopes, LFO’s and velocity controlled effects.

One thing I’ve been missing for ages is ability to control pitch with Automation. Any update on that? Planned or implemented but have I just missed it?

And the resolution on the Envelopes are still way too bad. Pitching with those sounds really bad and choppy. Any planned improvement on that?

Sure has been thought of.
Not just a chain for the entire instrument (master), but for every part of the instrument (each sample,instrument,send channels etc inside the instrument).


Automatable pitchbend & modulation wheel for Renoise RNI’s would be REALLY sweet too.

with individual envelope on samples my beats shall become divine :drummer: