Control Ea-1 Params In Renoise

hello, friends!

i’m working on a patch in max to allow control of EA-1 parameters with CC’s. using midi loopback device, it intercepts notes and CCs from renoise, passes notes thru to midi out, and translates incoming CC messages to NRPN. this is a wonderful discovery for me as i’ve been wanting to externally sequence the parameters of my EA-1 for a long time. if anyone else out there has one of these fun little synths and the max/msp runtime, reply here and i’ll find a place to put the patch up.

of course it would probably work with other sequencers, but who needs other sequencers? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Antialias,

I must say i’m really interested in your patch.

Somehow its quite annoying to control the parameters of the tribes.
I’ve got the EA1 and The ER1 so this can really help me out.


aha, neat. sorry to have kept you waiting so long, i forgot to check back here. my own EA-1 is mothballed right now so i can’t test this, but unless i have gremlins it should still work. just use software midi loopback to direct renoise’s output into the max patch’s input. set the patch’s output to your midi out->EA-1.

i only set it up for part 1, if you really need i can adapt it for part 2. or if you are a regular maxer you can do it yourself- let me know if you make improvements.